GTC Membership Statement

A vibrant and enduring club relies on maintaining a healthy membership. The Gipsy Trail Club is a small and warm club with some 120 members/families. Given the size of our community, we have the privilege to both know well and care for our fellow members (aka "Gipsies").


Without limitation or regard to any of the societal categories that define us, be it race, religion, sexual orientation or any other grouping, Gipsies identify and invite individuals and families, who they feel will share our values and embrace our traditions, to explore membership in the Club.


We also welcome interested parties who may not have an internal member contact to reach out and learn about our Club, for a stranger is potentially a friend we have not yet met.


The success of The Gipsy Trail Club is largely because it is built around the foundation of enduring relationships, social camaraderie between friends and associates, and a love of the land. Our membership process aims to be inclusive of all who embrace this vision.


The Gipsy Trail Club is a private residential club consisting of 84 Adirondack-style cabins. Non-resident membership is available for those living near by or for those who wish to rent one of the Club’s apartments or guest rooms.


Please contact the office,, or call 845-225-3666 for further information.


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