Gipsy Trail Club is a membership community founded in 1928. It is located on pristine 1000 acres of wooded lands slightly more than one hour north of New York City. The sense of community is strong. While the members join together in a variety of activities, including tennis, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, and trap shooting, the Dining Room, which is open every weekend throughout the year, provides the setting for conversation and friendship. In the summer, the most important activity on any given day may involve nothing more than a day on the beach. Since its inception, the Club has attracted a membership that is active and actively involved in creating an uncommon sense of camaraderie.

Although fully staffed, the non-profit club is an organization preserved by the membership that has worked to support a legacy that has now passed through many generations. The membership reserves a deep respect for the forebears who had the vision to create an isolated and protected setting of such close proximity to New York City.

As members of the Gipsy Trail Club we are dedicated to the enjoyment of the natural world and the stewardship of the natural areas and habitats that we have agreed to protect and preserve.